Sunday, January 31, 2016

Listen: Songs of the Wild West Courtesy of SWMRS and Lissie

It's all failed festivals, kimchi and fruity alcoholic drinks up in here. How exactly does one view that through Brussels Sprout tinted glasses? Like this. How does one soundtrack it? Something like this:

At this age, being the geography scholar I am, I know that LA and Santa Cruz are nowhere near each other. But when you are seven and being threatened with Brussels sprout festivals, geography can get a bit cloudy. For that reason, I found myself hating the whole of California. If I had been in a band that was able to do more than just play plastic guitars and bang on wood blocks, I think I would've found myself trying to write something along the lines of SWMRS "Drive North." "Drive North" finds the Oakland band sharing their absolute disdain of LA and all the things it has to offer. Beaches...hate them. Those songs about LA? Hate them. Shining cars and stars? Hate. Santa Monica Blvd? Hate. Politics? Hate. The scene? Hate. The water? Hate. The fact that the Oakland Raiders might relocate to LA? Well, the band doesn't get into that but let's just chalk that up as one last giant HATE. SWMRS have a debut album coming out on February 12th (yes, "Drive North" is on it). The album was produced by FIDLAR frontman Zac Carper (who actually celebrate the Northern part of the West Coast in one of their tracks as well).

Oh, that "Wild West." It is the kind of place that hits brussels sprouts off of golf tees. Or puts them in ice cream. Lissie exemplifies this anything goes attitude in her new track. Okay, not really. She just makes a magical little electro-pop number that happens to deal with issues of being far away from home, missing those who you care about, living life on the edge (which is sort of like driving Brussels Sprouts of off golf tees) and going rogue in the wild, wild west (which is the same as eating Brussels Sprouts ice cream as far as I'm concerned).