Monday, January 18, 2016

Click (Music): Dolphins Swimming in Lava, Prince Rama, Rozes and a New Dr. Dog Video

Here's a little sampling of what I've come to love since the calendar turned to 2016:


"Amerika" by Wintersleep

This song takes me back to my Chapel Hill days when I did nothing but write poetry and listen to the Pixies.

"Now is the Time of Emotion" by Prince Rama

From the mouths of lead singers:
"'Now Is The Time of Emotion' has the feel of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' meets Devo under the bleachers in the high school gymnasium, with searing electric guitars that make it feel like the entire pep rally has caught fire, rapidly exploding into the ultimate teenage sexual catharsis while alien cheerleaders continue to chime the infectious chorus hook well into the afterlife."
But what about the Mona Lisa pants? The hand on ass glove? Where do they fit in in this gymnasium orgy?

"Burn Wild" by Rozes

If Prince Rama is about the teenage sexual catharsis that happens in the high school gymnasium then "Burn Wild" is all about what happens next. Do you take that boy you just gave a hand job to in Row 12, Seat 3 and make him your full time boyfriend? Do you test the waters by joining your high school online dating site? Or do you just let it drop and continue hooking up with your best friend until you graduate and go off to college? What about that teacher that keeps giving you eyes?

Modern day romance, is so confusing.

"The Answer" by Corey Valentine

Hey, ho. I went to bed and woke up back in the eighties. The only difference is this time around my ugly ass brown wall phone is pink and sort of sci-fi looking. Maybe that will help keep my long distance bill down this time around. Wait. Do long distance calls still cost extra money in today's society? As you can see from this post, I got questions y'all. Does anyone have "The Answer"?



"Hey You" by The Thermals

My whole life I've been waiting for a music video that features a dolphin swimming in hot magma. I finally got it. The fact that the song that goes along with the video is everything I've come to love about The Thermals is just icing on that molten cake.

"Throw Down Your Guns" by Wild Belle

“Throw Down Your Guns” is a song of surrender. It's a movement of love. It was one of the last songs Wild Belle wrote for their new album. It was written during a time of turmoil for the band, both personal and global. Wild Belle is surrounded by a lot of violence in Chicago, as Spike Lee can attest to. "Throw Down Your Guns" is a plea for peace. It's a cry for change. It's an anthem of togetherness. It is exactly what Wild Belle hopes to achieve on their new album.

"You Are Killing Me" by The Dandy Warhols

I've never been a big fan of The Dandy Warhols so when Dine Alone Records dared me not to play their new song "You Are Killing Me" on repeat all day, I thought no problem. It really was no problem, solely because I had to leave and go to work and my car setup is not conducive to a video playing on repeat. Otherwise I might just have listened to this song a few more times.

"Bring My Baby Back" by Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog's new album, The Psychedelic Swamp, was inspired by a mysterious correspondence the group received from a figure named Phrases who hails from the Psychedelic Swamp. The message asked the band to “record a great pop album." The end result of this correspondence will be made public on February 5th.

The video for “Bring My Baby Back” as explained by Toby Leaman:
“I was a little nervous working with Zach (Miller) for the first time because he's so good in those Pixar movies. But I just did the magic trick of looking him right in the eyes and screaming ‘Action!’ And I realize now, after re-watching some of my earlier classics, that my entire oeuvre has been merely a prelude to this, my personal masterpiece. Also, I couldn't have picked a songwriter I'm more personally attached to.  What a ride. With love, T. L."

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