Sunday, October 25, 2015

Click (Music): Old Ladies in Leather, Kissing Misfits, A Spirit Animal and Club 8

Here's the cliff notes version of the last month of music:


"Skin" by Club 8

When my old school shut down I was put in charge of making a video to celebrate all that had happened over the years. I chose a Club 8 song as the backdrop. Most of the people in attendance thanked me for choosing a song they had never heard before and probably won't hear again. That meant that they won't be at Sears one day, hear the song and begin crying. The band's new single "Skin" would not be appropriate for a bunch of old ladies wearing teacher sweaters wanting to boo hoo at old pictures. It also probably wouldn't fit in at Sears. Now if you were to dress those old ladies up in leather and send them to do their shopping at the Frisky Business Boutique, then we'd have a soundtrack.

"Beautiful Morning" by Bern & the Brights

In "Beautiful Morning" Bern & the Brights prove just how thin the line is between dead actors, disfiguring car accidents and a glorious day.

"Kiss the Misfits" by Felix Hagan & the Family

This song has a bit of a black Christmas feel. I'm imagining Glen Danzig, Marky Ramone, Jerry Only and the other 18 former members of the Misfits in a line the snakes out from under the mistletoe. Someone make that video happen.

"True Believer" by Spirit Animal

I first found my spirit animal on the way to the Colca Canyon back in 2008. It was pitch black out and our bus had broken down alongside the deserted roadside. As we were waiting for it to be fixed a dark cat appeared and then disappeared. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but others saw it too. That stealthy midnight feline is my spirit animal keeps me up at night.


"Paradise in You" by Radical Something (Young Bomb's Remix)

I've been getting into remixing tweets lately. If you take Radical Something's latest tweet and were to mesh it with Young Bomb's, you'd get something like this:

Sleep naked or clean your kitchen while listening to black metal. 

Remixing is so much fun, I can see why so many bands are into it.

"OOOOO (Cry About It)" by Pompeya (Win & Woo Remix)

Win and Woo's new remix of Pompeya's "OOOOO (Cry About It)" has doubled the amount of Russian band's I've heard of. Of course, Pompeya is the first Russian band I know that hasn't been thrown in jail by Putin's police force.


"Drone" by Fidlar

The lyric video for "Drone" is just like the actual video. Except with more post it notes. 

"Vivienne" by Sundara Karma

Alright! The image moves. The ball is back in your court MTV.

"You Got Spirit, Kid" by Coheed and Cambria

Fu**ing lacrosse team at your school getting all high and mighty? Just bring in Coheed and Cambria. They know how to knock them back down to size.

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