Sunday, August 30, 2015

Listen: Young Bombs' Remix of Fletcher, Nick Kingswell and Viola Beach

Shit's going down and you're in the process of eating a sandwich (thank god it isn't a cupcake, that situation can get super messy). Might I suggest an accompanying soundtrack of:

The last time I listened to Spotify's "New Music Friday" playlist, I was left feeling unimpressed. This is what the world is offering right now? I went back and buried my head in the 90's music of my youth. Pretty bad when you choose the twenty-five year old toy instead of the brand new one. After escaping the 90's I decided to give "New Music Friday" another try. This time I was pleased to see the inclusion of Young Bombs and their remix of Fletcher's "War Paint." Typically Young Bombs does some pretty progressive remixes. This one dialed back the progressiveness and just intensified the pop. It didn't take long for me to fall hard.

When the world's getting all shitty around you, survival is based on being level-headed and ready for whatever comes your way (I always liken it to Coach Taylor's "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose." Put that in a zombie movie and watch the results). That means music that keeps it chill and real. Nick Kingswell's new single "River Runs Red" follows this path clearly. It's relaxed and laid back. It doesn't get to high or too low. I imagine if I had been dancing to this, I never would've spoken to the police in the first place.

So let's pretend that Coach Taylor never wondered the sidelines during Texas football games. Instead he wondered around the stage of English rock and roll clubs. Here, on these stages, "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose" doesn't have quite the same appeal. So he adopts something else, something a bit more indie appropriate. That's where Viola Beach and their new single, "Swings & Waterslides," comes in to play. I can totally see Coach Taylor taking the stage and, before bursting into upbeat song, announcing to the crowd "Eyes Wide, Bright Light, Time Flies, Feels Right" in a deeply English accent. Until someone makes that happen, I'll just enjoy it in song.