Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Listen: Teary Tracks from The Zanders, Typhoid Rosie and Satchmode

If you're suffering from a jacked up internal food compass and forced to make some frozen squash (been there, done that). Might I suggest a soundtrack of:

In between mouthfuls of squash, I turned to my friend and said "You know...this squash is the mixture of insanity and clarity that drives a person to greatness. It's the muter of emotions in your mind that drives you to run until you crawl. It is an intense, calculated (tastebud) dance through an exploding minefield." Alright, I'll confess. That's how "Until My Body Breaks" by the Zanders was described in an introductory email. But smash my squash if that description doesn't just work for what I cooked up in my kitchen. The Zanders is a project that was created by Heath Petzold, with the assistance of numerous friends that he has made in the Sydney music scene. "Until My Body Breaks" reminds me a lot of Frightened Rabbit. That's probably why I've listened to it 12 times tonight while making a painting with the words "I'm going to push myself until my body breaks" on it.

From the sad to the...tragic. Rosie Rebel and the rest of the Typhoid Rosie crew are back with a new single "Hearts Bleed Goodbye." This song delves into the pain that accompanies a person when a loved one dies right after a loved one dies. It stems from the tragic death of Rosie's mother on the way home from Rosie's grandmother's wake. Both women passed from the exact same injury, in the exact same hospital leaving Rosie to deal with the fact that she was unable to say a proper goodbye to the most influential women in her life.

Can that first line from Satchmode's new single "Never Gonna Take You Back" be anymore real? I mean it is late at night and I am totally thinking about you. But I have to veer a bit off course when it comes to the chorus. Of course I'll take you back, you've never given me a reason not to. This track isn't for the lovers. It's for the scorned lovers. The ones who burn. The ones who know what it is like to play with fire over and over and over again. I once knew this life but, as Satchmode points out over and over again, I learned that not giving in and taking someone back who can't change isn't the way to happiness. Strange that the dream pop dance sound that Satchmode puts together for this single almost...ALMOST makes this song seem fun. It's a total dance while you are crying number.