Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Food Pairing 101: What Goes Well With Little Wolves' New Single?

At the root of it "Alone" by Little Wolves is a song that captures the mixed bag of emotions that come with a breakup. On one hand, there is this feeling that you will never find love again, that you are inadequate and destined to remain cold and alone forever. At the same time, you realize that this sounds like the absolute worst hand that the world has ever dealt you. The quick fix is calls to you, suggesting that you just do what ever it takes to make things right and bring that lover back home. Even if the relationship wasn't good or the rocky ending isn't something that can be easily undone, there is still a desire to try. No one hates losing. No one likes the end.

You're probably thinking, why would I want to listen to a song that conjures up some of the worst experiences I've ever gone through? Why not just avoid the losing and ending if that is an option? Mainly because Little Wolves approach is to lose, end and hit those painful nerves with a magical smile on their face. "Alone" is cheery, its airy. Turn down the lyrics and you'd probably find yourself gliding through your day oblivious to the pain and torture happening around you. Musically, "Alone" is a great escape. And that is the brilliance of it. Escape with the pain. Emote while avoiding. It isn't often that a band is able to adequately capture the soaring and the ending in one three minute span of time. Little Wolves accomplished just this.

So what does one pair with a joint joyful and painful reminder? How about this Espresso Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Frosting by Unconventional Baker. The spread is like a vegan version of Nutella with a coffee twist. It pays homage to comfort foods like cake frosting and chocolate which pair nicely with a break-up. This is the emote part. The espresso, meanwhile, relates to those soaring and joyful moments that allow you to block out everything but what is right in front of you. This is the avoidance.