Friday, July 24, 2015

Listen: What Rhymes with Rozes, The Chainsmokers, KOLAJ and The Colourist?

Smoky sweet potatoes and crispy pickled veggies are best prepared amongst the swirling sounds of:

Rozes. When first we heard from Rozes, just a few weeks ago, she was offering up her vocals to the Chainsmokers single "Roses." Now she's showing the world what she can come up with on her own. "R U Mine" is a texter's dream. It's low key, melodic and atmospheric with prominent, forthright vocals (insert emoji here). It's catchy and plays out like pop music should. The track helps us to never forget to WUAHTR (Wake up and hear the Rozes, for all you old people that don't know texting lingo).

What's a Rozes post without the Chainsmokers following closely behind. The band's newest original single is called "Waterbed" and features Waterbed. So, for those of you keeping score, their previous single was "Roses" featuring Rozes and the new one is "Waterbed" featuring Waterbed. Catching the pattern here? I can't wait for the band's next single, where they've asked me to perform guest vocals. "Tender Branson" featuring Tender Branson...has an awesome ring to it. So why all this naming the song the same thing as the featured artist? The Chainsmokers said for "Waterbed" it's because Waterbed wrote the top line for the track and, given the hook, it didn't make sense to call it anything else. They describe "Waterbed" as being what happens when a TWERK track and a M83 one have sex on a night out. Supposedly a fireball shot or two is also involved.

Falling somewhere in the same vicinity as the Chainsmokers and their polished electronic synergy is KOLAJ. Featuring singer/songwriter Teesa and producer Mighty Mike, KOLAJ deal a lot with soaring guitars, organic tones, mesmerizing melodies and electronic rhythms. What sets them apart in the electronic word is that they actually use a full band when playing live. The duo's latest and greatest is "The Touch," which you can catch below:

The Colourist, author's of my favorite song of the year so far, are back with a brand new single called "Romancing." It is the second release from the band's EP Will You Wait For Me, which hits the market next week. "Romancing" starts with a bit of a world music flare because of their use of...f*** it, I'm not going to even try to identify what instruments those are. After a few moments the vocals kick in and the single transitions into the style of poppy indie rock that the Colourist has become known for. Add in another catchy ass chorus and the Colourist has a second straight massive hit on their hands. The last two releases have left me pondering why this band isn't bigger? I honestly have no idea.