Saturday, July 25, 2015

Food Flavored Artist: Salad Boys

Earlier this year I ran a post about Chicago band Pet Symmetry and their single "Class Action Force (Useless Tools)." In that post, which I'd love to link to but the porn took it a way and I have yet to repost it, I wrote about how awesome the chorus was. I particularly loved the line "I know its late but I'm all out of drugs". I was informed, during an awkward twitter exchange with the band, that I had all of the words right except for the last one. They weren't all out of drugs, they were all out of trust. It completely changed the entire track. I could no longer picture a stoned late night visit from a lousy friend. Instead I had to replace that with visions of a late night visit from a lousy lover. Now, knowing the actual lyrics, the song hit too close to home. My feelings for the track diminished slightly.

So what does this have to do with Christchurch, New Zealand based band Salad Boys? Well, for one, the last track on Pet Symmetry's Pet Hounds album is called "Salad Boyz (Seein' Cred)," secondly.... oops, I've just been informed by Pet Symmetry that the last track is actually called "Salad Daze (Seein' Cred)." Holy f*** sticks on a gummy yoga ball, this lyric translating is for the horse hooves. Anyway, Salad Boys do know a little bit about mishearing lyrics. That's actually where their band name came from. There's a track called "Fa Ce La" by The Feelies in which the band sings "break the scream with a silent void." Salad Boys heard the line as "break the scream with salad boys". A band name was born. Salad Boys figured it was a fun joke of a name that they would eventually replace. Three years later, it remains.

Salad Boys are Joe Sampson, Ben Odering and Jim Nothing. At first, the three of them would get together, muck around and flesh out some of the extra song ideas that Sampson had in his pocket.  They did this mucking while on break from their other bands (T54, Bang! Bang! Eche!, The Dance Asthmatics). At some point the mucking became more serious and led to live shows, recording songs and Metalmania (an album that is due out on September 18th via Trouble in Mind). Salad Boys' first single from the album is the supercharged, foot stomper "Dream Date"

The mucking has also led to a US tour. If you are US bound in the Fall you can catch Salad Boys in the following places:

9.23.15 - Chicago, IL - The Owl 
9.24.15 - Columbia, MO - Cafe Berlin 
9.26.15 - Memphis, TN - Goner Fest
9.27.15 - Cincinnati, OH - Midpoint Music Festival
9.28.15 - Columbus, OH - Double Happiness
9.29.15 - Detroit, MI - UFO Factory 
10.1.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Palisades 
10.4.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Lava Space
10.6.15 - Asheville, NC - Tiger Mountain 
10.8.15 - Jacksonville, FL - Rain Dogs
10.10.15 - Austin, TX - Beerland - W/ Neil Michael Hagerty
10.12.15 - Tempe, AZ - Time Out Lounge 
10.13.15 - Los Angeles, CA - All Star Lanes
10.17.15 - Portland, OR - Bunk Bar
10.19.15 - Salt Lake City, UT - Diabolical Records 
10.20.15 - Denver, CO - Rhinoceropolis 
10.22.15 - Minneapolis, MN - Hexagon
10.23.15 - Milwaukee, WI - Lucky Cat 

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