Thursday, July 2, 2015

Food Flavored Video: "I Do What I Want" by Secret Club

I remember learning in music class with my elementary school teacher that back in the days of the cave people, neighboring caves would both set up parties on the same evening. Usually the parties were so different that two completely unique sets of personalities wound up inhabiting the exact same area at the same time. This led to some pretty interesting conflicts and inventions. I think she mentioned something about a cave in France being soundproofed?

Yep, the story told by Secret Club in their video for "I Do What I Want" is a story that is pretty much as old as mankind. The food flavored piece of the video comes out right at the beginning as three of the partygoers, two who are heading to a rock and roll smash them up party while the other is heading to a wine and cheese gathering, find themselves in a grocery store purchasing items for their respective parties. The characters awkwardly cross paths entering the store, exiting the store, in the parking lot, in an elevator at an apartment building and then outside the doors of the apartments they are visiting. This is when you find out that the two parties are taking place right next door to each other. Of course we know who wins, the wine drinkers are the ones left seeing red.

Just the sounds: