Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Munchies: Sweet Potato Pate

Happy Memorial Day! I am finalizing plans to fill my day with vegan veggie burgers and tacos. The plan is to cover the veggie burgers’ nakedness with this lovely sweet potato pate (100 percent of the pate, zero percent of the duck parts). One minor change I made from Andrea’s version is I vinegarized it with an apple cider twist because of the lack of the white wine version here in this homestead. Oh yeah, and I didn’t put any truffle salt in it. I tried to put a mortgage on my apartment so I could buy me a container of this expensive little spice but the
apartment complex wasn’t too keen on that idea. I also tried to sell one of my cats but that only netted me six dollars. In the end I went without. 

The final tally? A mighty fine piece of work even with the changes…

Pair this pate with another mighty fine piece of work from Jerseyites Boxed Wine. They’ve got a new full length entitled Cheap, Fun (but are you really surprised…I mean you knew this was coming). The band offered me their super secret recipe for boiling water to go along with the album but I think this sweet potato pate works a little better. It is a bit more upbeat. That’s not a knock on boiling water which is certainly upbeat. It’s just that the pate knows how to grove in a way that boiling water doesn’t. Still, there will be a time and place for their secret recipe. Don’t you worry, I won’t forget. Back to the album. I was quite surprised to see that my favorite track from their Cheap, Fun EP, “Bones,” did not make the cut of the full length version (why should I have been…I mean I knew this was coming). No worries because the tracks that replaced it are just as fun and fabulous (if not a bit more) as that one. Especially bounce worthy are the two openers “Into the Nite” and “Cannibal.” Lyrically, how can you argue with Boxed Wine’s traveling to the ends of the earth for off the beaten track inspiration in the form of a cannibal that suffers a heart attack. That’s better than any of the elusive witch doctors that society has been subjected to over the years. Musically speaking, the tracks require a bit of hand jiving or Carltoning or Tebowing, whatever your dance of choice is. Just don’t forget the dramatic hipster irony. That makes all the difference in the world. Buy Cheap, Fun here.


"Into the Night":