Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Listen: Shroomy Numbers from Hurts, The Dirty Nil and The Havelocks

A Mac Shroom blows it out of the water when paired with:

On March 11th, Hurts will be releasing their new album Exile into the world. The first foray into it is the dark, erotic pop track “Miracle.” It is the story of busted love, the monsters that remain long after the love dies and the miracles that are sought to fix it all.

Speaking of monsters, The Dirty Nil are back with another one of their garage punk monstrosities. These guys have to be one of my favorite punks act recently. There is no harmonizing, no prettifying, it is just straightforward angst-filled music. “Zombie Eyed” is part of a vinyl split with Northern Primitive. Listen to it…loud.

Melodic, catchy, able (and willing) to harmonize are The Havelocks. Basically, the are the anti-Dirty Nil (which makes them clean?). The Havelocks have been making a name for themselves in Newcastle , New South Wales for the last few years. They’ve released two 5-Track EPs to date and have successfully navigated the Australian coast and rural New South Wales. Now they are ready for something bigger. “Black and Blue” marks the first step.