Friday, April 1, 2011

Twice Baked Mix: A Lull, Gorilla Warfare Tactics, Sloan, Gigglepop, Mount Moriah, Erik Hassle, Lisa Savidge, Skull Tape, The Five One and more...

Some piddly things you can get away with half baking. This mix is not for them. This mix is for the big bad beasties that not only require one baking but a second just to cement their awesomeness. Bake. Listen to this playlist. Repeat.

A Lull-Weapons For War
Gorilla Warfare Tactics-Temptations
Sloan-Follow the Leader
Summer Camp-I Want You
Gigglepop-Teenage Things
Mount Moriah-Lament
Erik Hassle (featuring Ellie Goulding)-Be Mine
Lisa Savidge-Fire Exiting
Skull Tape-Trans Anthro
The Five One-Closing Time
The Lonely Forest-Coyote

Download Playlist Here

(Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan, Absolut Noise, Swedesplease, Pigeons and Planes, KEXP blog, Consequence of Sound, the Devil Has the Best Tuna and the bands for making this mix possible)

*The picture at the top is a Twice Baked Pesto Potato. I will share the recipe in a post later this weekend.