Friday, April 15, 2011

Food Pairing 101: What goes well with Blue Chip Village's Self Titled Debut Album?

Blue Chip Village is a self-described psychedelic and progressive blues rock band from Brooklyn. They incorporate pieces of World, Funk, Classical and Jam while continuing to adhere to the shroud that is pop music. Their sound is one that is mature and subtle, they won't jump right out and grab you with gimmicks or singles but take the slow approach, the worm your way into your brain one note at a time method. To fully appreciate the band's debut album, one needs a food that encapsulates all this. It needs to be of subtle brilliance, a food that on first taste you don't necessarily think "this is amazing" but you find that you can't stop eating it. That is where Jackelyn's Chik'N and Dumplings come in. Hints of lemon butter, Parmesan and pesto mesh together on a bed of veggies and faux chicken that supports a homemade gnocchi. It is purity at its finest.

Check out "Gusto" from the Blue Chip Village's Debut Album:

Blue Chip Village-Gusto

You can download the entire album for the cost of an email address here.

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