Thursday, March 3, 2011

Creamy Cauliflower Mac Run Through the Veins with Forbidden Friends and Black Books

It was either the delirium that comes from being so close to a race or the desire to give myself as much of an edge as I could that I picked up my latest issue of Runner's World and scoured the Athlete's Palate section for something good to cook. What I found was an old friend, Mark Bittman, offering a scaled down version of macaroni and cheese. Bittman's mac and cheese contained no cream or butter and pureed cauliflower took the place of some of the pasta. It took me a few bites to get into it but once I fell, I fell hard. Unfortunately my race time didn't do the same. And to think, I spent the week telling people what kind of blood runs through my veins (it is Tiger in case you didn't know). For the Creamy Cauliflower Mac recipe, go here.

There is a highly addictive band from Portland called the Thermals. Love these guys (and the fact that they will be coming to Tampa with Matt and Kim). The lead singer of the Thermals, Hutch Harris, has another band called Forbidden Friends. And while the Thermals don't go particularly well with Creamy Cauliflower Mac, Forbidden Friends do. "Tiny Hands" is from a 7" of the same title that will be released March 15th on Kill Rock Stars.

Black Books are a laid back Austin dream pop band whose song "The Big Idea" has been whirling around my head since its release (February 15th). It reminds me of the track that Band of Horses should've put on their last album but didn't (and that was a big mistake). Currently Black Books only has a 10" out. The band is hoping for a full length release this November.