Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yeast Infected Mix: Patrick Backlund, Mr. Dream, OnCue, Apex Manor, Bear Pilot, Paper, Fez, Sam Adams and more...

I felt like a McDonald's commercial as she asked, "What's in this cauliflower colcannon?" "Uh, olive oil, cauliflower, cabbage, salt and pepper." Pleased, she proceeded to eat it. A lot. As she went to finish off the dish I suddenly remembered "Oh and there is nutritional yeast."
She nearly dropped the fork. "Are you serious?" I nodded my head "Yeah, why." She made a little noise "I'm on a cleansing diet and I can't have any yeast." I felt horrible and apologize profusely as she made her way towards the bathroom and then the front door. As it shut in my face I thought to myself. Had I really just done that? Had I really just infected a girl with yeast? And that is what this mix is all about. Screw-ups abound in our Yeast Infected Mix.

Track Listing:

Patrick Backlund-Seesaw
Mr. Dream-Crime
OnCue -Let Loose (featuring Nickelus F and Theo Martins)
Apex Manor-Under the Gun
*Despite the nature of this playlist, I really do feel bad that I ruined someone's cleanse. It would be like someone not telling me there is meat in dish. Also, the colcannon recipe is forthcoming.