Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Po' Boy Preservation Mix: Phil Wilson, Dead Actors Club, Fucking Werewolf Asso, Sometimes Always, Split Seconds, 14 Iced Bears, Cygnets and more...

Few foods are as political, union friendly and diverse as po' boys. These New Orleans' sandwiches came into existence back in the late 20's when streetcar conductors and motormen went on strike. The streetcar company attempted to use strikebreakers to continue running the cars but this was met with resistance (and fire). Many people supported the cause of the workers and refused to ride. One staunch supporter of the strikers was Bennie Martin, co-owner of the Martin Brother's Coffee Stand and Restaurant. He, and his brother Clovis, agreed to feed the strikers for free until the situation was resolved. The large sandwich that the brother's provided became known as a po' boy because the brothers would say, upon seeing a striker heading their way for some food, "here comes another poor boy."

In recent years New Orleans has made it a point to protect these local creations, even going so far as to hosting a Po' Boy Preservation Festival. It took just one trip to New Orleans for me to understand what all the ruckus is about. It took just one afternoon in my kitchen to decide that these preservation efforts deserve their own soundtrack. All the ruckus below, that po' boy, is for you and your legions of fans.

All information courtesy of the history section on the Po' Boy Preservation Festival's website.

Track Listing:

Phil Wilson-I own it
Dead Actors Club-Hearts Hearts Hearts
Fucking Werewolf Asso-You got the shield (goodbye)
Albin Larslin and the Bad Dressed Arctic Explorers-Clowniorita
Sometimes Always -Old-Fashioned Baby
Cygnets-Bleak Decades
Split Seconds-Bed Down
Dead Gaze-This Big World

More on the Po' Boy pictured at the top (like a recipe) later.