Saturday, December 4, 2010

Food Flavored Song of the Day: Felicity by Orange Juice

With so many other juices in the sea, I don't have time for you grape and tomato. Apple juice and cider, I do love you (especially on long plane flights). But when you bring me to my knees I don't feel the urge to speak out. It is the almighty orange juice that sends me down, spinning to the ground, shouting "Whoa, whoa."

Orange Juice the band who was fronted by Edwyn Collins (you know, "A Girl Like You" and all that retro-pop) just released a seven disc box set, Coals to Newcastle. "Felicity," originally released in 1985, is just a small part of that set.

Orange Juice-Felicity

*One of my favorite orange juice recipes, though it is more of a spring thing.