Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Listmas: The Music

Back by popular demand is my year end list of some of the best music and recipes I've experienced this year. I've decided to break it into two posts as to not overwhelm. Here are my favorite tracks that were posted on Write.Click.Cook.Listen this year in an awards type format:

Best song for invoking images of a hand reaching up from the grave:

Most Vampire appropriate song that didn't appear on a Twilight Soundtrack but should:

Best song for mondegreening ("my heart needs a lapdance")

Best song by a dude who likes to intimidate LA with his naked backside:

Best song about the gene splicing of a human and fruit:

Best song about seeking out a new New Jersey:

Best song named after a friend's daughter:

Best song for furrowing Barry White's brow:

Best song detailing the dilemma between cutting and lying in grass:

Song most likely to get you kicked out of a club because you did somersaults on their crowded dance floor:

Song most likely to land me in a bad eighties movie:

Song most likely to get me in trouble with my therapist:

Best song for illustrating the commercialization of punk rock:

Best song that samples MGMT:

Song that best illustrates my first elementary school:

Best song for channeling my inner Alanis Morrisette:

Best song for washing the dishes to after a spot on cooking session:

If you really care to know, my five favorite songs this year (in order):

1. Titus Andronicus-A More Perfect Union
2. Fyfe Dangerfield-When you walk in the room
Sleigh Bells-Tell 'Em
4. The Delta Mirror-He was worse than the needle you gave him
5. Japandroids-Art Czars