Saturday, July 3, 2010

Four for the Fourth featuring Vegetarian Sausage Reubens, Marco Mahler, Living Days, Pierced Arrows and Spawn of Evil

Traditionally the fourth of July means many things for Americans: parades, fireworks, picnics and Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Nathan's yearly contest pits many of the worlds top competitive eaters in a gluttonous attempt to devour as many short tubes of beef as they can in ten minutes. The champion earns a monetary award and a mustard yellow belt. For the past three years American Joey Chestnut has won the competition (last year putting down a record 68 hot dogs).

This year I will be joining the competitors in eating short tubes and buns, although mine will be made of seitan. Thanks to Vegan Dad for the sausage recipe.

Vegetarian Sausage Reubens

-Four Sausages (I replaced the pinto beans with kidney and used 1 cup of vital wheat gluten)
-four slices of swiss cheese
-four hot dog buns

1. Mix, shape and steam the sausages according to the Vegan Dad recipe.

2. Toast the hot dog buns.

3. Layer sauerkraut across the bottom of the hot dog buns. Place a sausage on top. Cover with swiss cheese. Top with ketchup, mustard or spicy barbecue sauce.

While some people will be enjoying Justin Bieber, B.o.B, Passion Pit, Reba McEntire or the Goo Goo Dolls on the 4th of July, these are the four for the fourth that I will be grilling to.

Marco Mahler-The Trees Have Fallen and the Birds Are Ripe

This Marco Mahler track is like an acoustic pigeon shoot that doesn't need protesting. Thanks to Perfect Porridge for link.

Living Days-Let's Kiss

Hackneyed and Unoriginal? Maybe. But damn fun too.

Pierced Arrows-Let it Rain

Sure they have a newer song (The Doorway), but it isn't nearly as bad (read good) as this one. Like a trainwreck, I can't divert my ears from. Do I hate music? Maybe...

Spawn of Evil-Screamager (Therapy Cover)
J-Fur hates Spawn of Evil. I argue that Screamager shouldn't evoke hate because it is too brilliantly awful.

Enjoy the day.