Thursday, June 17, 2010

Food Pairing 101: What goes well with homemade granola?

Gainesville, Florida has left a lasting imprint on my life for a number of reasons (none of which involve the University of Florida). One of those reasons is a small, locally owned grocery store called Ward's. At Ward's the tofu is cheap, the fresh squeezed orange juice and bagels are cheaper and the granola flows like wine from bulk boxes. Any kind of granola flavor you can imagine, they've got. I banned granola when I moved to Tampa. It was too sugary or too expensive or too difficult to get. A few weeks ago I lifted the ban and tried homemade granola. Not only was the granola good but it was full of fruit and relatively low on the sweetness spectrum, just how I like it. I found the recipe at Pink of Perfection blog. I added dried cherries, walnuts and pecans and skipped the seeds (not a fan). I used agave nectar as my sweetener.

Pink of Perfection's healthy homemade granola goes well with new music from Diamond Rings. We are talking new in the sense of his new twelve inch, "Show me your stuff" (being released on June 18th via One Big Silence). Not so new, but even better, is his earlier single "Wait and See" (released back in March).

You can also download "Wait and See" at Pretty Much Amazing Blog.

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