Sunday, January 31, 2010

Love Potion Mix: Airship, Dreamboat Money, Barton Carroll, Dum Dum Girls, The Jezabels, Blair, Lemonade, Curtis Plum, Golden Girls, Fyfe Dangerfield

The Ancient Egyptian god of chaos, Seth, was very sexually potent. His secret? Lettuce.

19th Century French Bridegrooms were fed three courses of Asparagus at their prenuptial dinner so when it came time to seal the deal, they didn't disappoint.

Chinese herbalists tinker with ginkgo nuts to fuel erotic desires.

Aphrodisiacs, foods that are said to increase sexual performance, are a part of every culture. Foods ranging from almonds to coffee, avocados to bananas, chocolate to basil have at some time or another been said to possess these powers. With February being the month of love these foods have a special place in my kitchen. That's what this playlist is all about. Love, love making and the foods that enable. I call it the Love Potion mix:

Track Listing:

Dreamboat Money-I can't wait to come home
Barton Carroll-The poor boy can't dance
Dum Dum Girls-Jail La La
Port-Royal-The Photoshopped Prince
Fyfe Dangerfield-When You Walk in the Room
The Delta Mirror-He was worse than the needle he gave you
Golden Girls-Amateur Teen Sex Antics (demo)
The Jezabels-Hurt Me
Exposed by Observers-In my skin
Curtis Plum-Indie Rocker
The Ambience Affair-Devil in the Detail
the Octagon-Cross Tops
Blair-Candy in the Kitchen

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Download BTreotch/Comerfield Remix Here

The recipe pictured at the top is a pasta from the newest edition of Vegetarian Times. It part of a special section on recipes that contain aphrodisiacs (in this case asparagus). The recipe is located here. I modified it slightly by adding a tablespoon of pasta, a pound and a half of asparagus (if I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go all out) and veggie stock instead of the wine.