Thursday, October 1, 2009

(Buffalo) Wing and a Prayer Mix: Public Radio, Solander, Surfer Blood, Apsci, Koil, Rollercoaster Project, Pretty Lights, Jax Panik, and more.

The Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York is credited with bringing us the sloppy delight known as a chicken wing. Exactly how it happened is somewhat of a mystery as there are three different versions of story. There is no mystery about the wings that are pictured on my playlist cover. The Top in Gainesville offered tempeh buffalo wings on the menu, I ordered them, loved every second it took to devour my plateful, and have tried to mimic their creation ever since. This mix is all about the sauce that dribbles down your chin, the fingers that must constantly be licked clean, the celery sticks that are served as an accompaniment and the pain you feel the following morning, when you are sitting there praying that it will go away. Its also for those moments when you curse yourself for eating spicy food that your body can't handle, vow to never do it again, only to return a few weeks later. This playlist makes the entire process (from cooking to bowel movements, from eating to vowing never again) worthwhile.

Track Listing:

Public Radio-Forgot Love
Solander-Prayer to God
Surfer Blood-Swim (To Reach the End)
Pretty Lights-Sunday School
Roadside Graves-Far and Wide
Jax Panik-Talking to Myself
Rollercoaster Project-Hoods Up
APSCI-Under Control
Magnolia Electric Co-It's Made me Cry
Midnight Spin-Rhythm in the Dark
Koil-Aku Lupa Aku Luka
Los Campesinos!-The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future
Canvas Kites-Wayside
The Upsidedown-Number Twenty Nine

Download Playlist Here

I'll do a quick post later including the recipe for Buffalo Tempeh Wings. Enjoy the tunes.