Monday, August 31, 2009

Meatball Grinder Mix: The Big Pink, Wavves, Omni Anti, These United States, The Points, Free Energy, Hesta Prynn, BLK JKS, Astrid Swan, and more

Somewhere in Boston, MA an Italian kid walks into the local sandwich shop and asks the clerk:
"Kind sir, could I order a spuckie?"

2,450 Miles away in San Bernadino another kid walks into his local shop and inquires about purchasing a grinder.

1,843 Miles away in Southern Louisiana a third kid orders a Po-Boy.

In other locales an oblong roll with meat, cheese, and/or veggies inside might be called a hoagie, hero, blimpie, bomber, cosmo, Italian Sandwich, Poor Boy, rocket, torpedo, tunnel, wedge, sub, submarine sandwich or zeppelin. Whatever term you go by (and please let me know if I am missing any) one thing is certain: bread, meatballs and cheese make a divine dish. Meatball grinder: this playlist is for you.

Track Listing:

The Big Pink-Dominos
The Builders and the Butchers-Barcelona
Wavves-No Hope Kids
Omni Anti-27
These United States-I want you to keep everything
Free Energy-Free Energy
Hesta Prynn-Seven Sisters
The Points-Shout
Deastro-Shield Whip
Mudkids-Rock N Roll
Open up and Bleeds-Stiv Bators in all of us
Small Black-Despicable Dogs
BLK JKS-Lakeside
Astrid Swan-Unrelated

Download Playlist Here

I apologize for the lack of commentary this machine was recently confiscated. Enjoy this because when I get it back, it's on.

I will post the recipe for the vegetarian meatballs pictured at the top of this page in my next post. For now just savor the look.