Friday, July 31, 2009

Is it in roux mix: The Mae Shi, Major Lazer, the argument, Times New Viking, Bluejuice, Rah Rah, Hoodlum Shouts, Skrapz, Summer Cats, Boat Beam,

In the 19th Century Chef Antonin Careme took hundreds of sauces in the classical French culinary repertoire and grouped them into four families. Each family had a mother sauce: Bechamel, Veloute, Allemande, or Espagnole. Each mother sauce was made up of a thickening agent composed of equal parts fat and flour (by weight). This agent is commonly referred to as roux. So using my degree in genealogy that would mean that a roux is actually the grandmother of all French Sauces. To honor her I present..."Is it in roux?" Its a mix composed of equal parts fat and flour with one goal in mind, to thicken your stereo.

Track Listing:

The Mae Shi-Run to your Grave
Major Lazer-Keep it goin' louder (featuring Nina Sky and Ricky Blaze)
The Argument-Nothing Remains
Times New Viking-No time, No hope
Bluejuice-Broken Leg
Rah Rah-I've Got Faith
The Bernadettes-Let's Make Babies
Frightened Rabbit-Last Tango in Brooklyn
Hoodlum Shouts-History's End
Skrapz-Just Alright
Boat Beam-The Rain Pauly
Summer Cats-Hey you, It's Me (Oh My)
Phantom Band-The Howling

Intro and Outro: Fucked Up-Golden Seal

The biscuits (in the playlist picture) have been topped with a vegetarian gravy that was made with a roux (for those of you keeping track that would be an example of bechamel sauce). The recipe for the gravy can be found here.