Friday, May 1, 2009

Like a splash of burning oil to the wrist mix: P.O.S, Leftover Crack, Lima Research Society, Pope Joan, Bloc Party, Arcade Fire, Lerkruka and more

Refrigerator problems and little patience often lead to avoidable wrist burns. I know this, yet I continue to follow the same pattern. Take out vegetables that are frozen solid (because our fridge does that), contemplate letting it thaw, decide I am too hungry to wait, drop the frozen veggies in the hot oil, watch the oil splatter, and curse that these two important substances don't mix. Maybe you've got the same issues. Maybe your burns are unique. Either way, next time you reach for the treatment, be it cool water or a leaf from the aloe plant growing on your porch, flip on this playlist. It won't heal the burn but it will certainly take your mind from it.

Track Listing:

Leftover Crack-Baby Punchers
Lima Research Society-Our Nature is Relentless
Pope Joan-Centurions
Arcade Fire-No Cars Go
Bloc Party-Banquet
I see Hawks in LA-Slash from Guns n' Roses
BC Camplight-Lord, I'm on Fire
Lerkruka-Lilla Syster
The Decemberists-The Rake Song

Download Playlist Here