Sunday, June 25, 2017

Listen: Lines, IV League and a Toasted Black Fly

You're almost ready to cook up a big pot of couscous, cauliflower and toasted almonds. All you need is some music. Try these tracks for best results:

I'm pretty sure "You" by Swedish lounge/dance group LINES is about a person. That being said, without much squinting at all I could easily convince myself that the song is about tossing couscous, cauliflower and toasted almonds together on one plate. It's super sexy like that.

I'm in the zone, cooking up a s**tstorm. My hands are too oily to reach over and stop my work issued computer from rolling from one Soundcloud tune to another. Playing on my computer, is something catchy, progressively poppy and refreshing. Who is doing that? I pull the computer towards me and see that it is some Australian band named IV League. Even though their song "Bleached" has a time stamp of eight months prior sitting at its head, I can't help but feel enamored with it. Enough so that I want to share it with you even at the risk of seeming outdated. I mean, dear reader, I know you probably caught wind of these guys ages ago but just humor me and pretend it's as new to you as it was to me. Damn, that's nice....

Somewhere in a bedroom in the backwoods of Vermont, surrounded by vast woodlands and mountains, a gothic synth artist known as Black Fly makes his musical mark. His latest track "Dipped" is about taking a step back and realizing that your life is out of control. It is about recognizing that someone is responsible for that and letting go of them so that you can move on to whatever's next. "Dipped" is melancholy. But it is also very danceable. Those are two worlds that are not easily navigated in one song. Somehow Black Fly has figured a way to balance the two. It is the musical equivalent of crunchy toasted nuts and soft, melt in your mouth, roasted cauliflower.