Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cook: Vegan Vichyssoise

Other than some blueberry lavender jam and watermelon kombucha, I've mainly spent the last seven weeks subsisting on foods that others have prepared for me. That is the beauty of a new baby and a mother-in-law that loves to cook. But alas, yesterday, it came time for said mother-in-law to return to her homeland. This meant my long anticipated return to the kitchen.

So what was I going to dazzle with first? I had big plans that I festered over for the last seven weeks. These plans involved exotic vinegars, acidic citrus and major fatty foods. Unfortunately, these plans were foiled by J-Fur's body. She is still dealing with some health issues that arose during Special K's delivery process. As a result, she has been ordered by her doctors to eat a diet that includes very little fat, no spice and no acid.

Hamstrung hardcore, I decided to reannounce my presence with a simple vegan vichyssoise. This dish included just five ingredients: leeks, potatoes, vegetable broth, salt and an avocado. I'm not sure that you can get anymore basic than that. I spruced things up a bit by throwing in some hunks of baguette (store bought of course). When J-Fur wasn't looking, I further spruced my bowl up with pepper and olive oil (shh...don't tell her).

It wasn't the fanciest of nights but it satisfied all the internal organs that were involved. At this point, that's all I hoped to accomplish.