Sunday, December 4, 2016

Click (Music): Burritos, Actors, Knifey and New Milky Chance

"Cocoon" by Milky Chance

If Milky Chance's new track "Cocoon" was a food, it would probably be a burrito. Burritos were invented when beans, rice and salsa decided to give a great big middle finger to the world. They no longer wanted to be a part of it. They were tired of the sh** their lettuce, guacamole, cheese and onion counterparts kept dishing out on them. So the three of them decided to wrap themselves in a burrito and shut the world out. Throughout the years the cocoon has opened to allow only the most worthy toppings in. "Cocoon" supports this same idea. The idea behind the song is to take that person you enjoy spending time with, lock yourself in a cocoon and stay there as long as you can. The vibes sent forth by "Cocoon" are light and laid back. The track pulls no tricks. It's your classic rice, salsa and bean burrito with a smattering of waxy red potatoes. You know, the kind that holds their shape, retains some firmness when cooked and browns with a bit of crunch as long as your resist the urge to stir them.

"Actor" by whenyoung

From the mouth of whenyoung lead-singer Aofie Power:

Actor is about contorting your character to fit into a disfigured view of the perfect self in order to belong. It's about acting every day and projecting artificial images of yourself through social media and in real life interactions with others. This helps to reassure you that you are important, relevant, interesting and necessary but behind it all there’s a sinking feeling. It’s not you. It’s an act. It’s tiring.

Sounds just like a burrito to me. I mean think about it. No matter what a burrito is inside, it covers all that up and puts on an "act" that is commonly referred to as a tortilla shell. Now, to really blow your mind, my new photography series about the cannibalistic nature of Hollywood. Actors and actresses eating burritos. I call it actors and actresses eating actors and actresses.

"Sophie" by Knifey

According to Knifey, "Sophie" is a song about lost love, or a lizard...or something... I think they left off the burrito part. I mean if we are talking about being locked in a cage, who is to say that there aren't times when the rice, beans and salsa inside the tortilla don't feel trapped. Maybe they are looking for more than their soggy, salty and spicy world has to offer. It makes sense, then, that burritos are so messy. You've got a bunch of innards trying to escape. They see the black hole that is your mouth and quickly steer themselves towards your much less intimidating lap or shirt front.

"Shot the Sun Down" by Ghost Lion

Ghost Lion suggests that this track is about breaking through wheat created ceilings and fighting for what's right even against all odds. It's like that time they overloaded my burrito at Chipotle so much that the insides starting spewing all over the "burrito artist's" workstation. Instead of scooping some out he decided to wrap it all in a second tortilla. Pure amazingness!

"If U C My Enemies" by Rubblebucket

Rubblebucket is many things and nothing at all; it’s a mindset, a legend, a feeling, a mystery; a mischievous, playful, boundary-smashing blast of sound that you can sit still and wonder at, or turn off your mind and dance wildly to. Or both at the same time. As Kalmia (Traver) said, when she handed me one of her now-famous peanut butter, cheddar cheese, cabbage, honey tacos, “This is the weirdest, most delicious thing you will ever taste.”

After a few vegan exchanges, I'm eating those tacos like wildfire.


"Linger" by the Cranberries (Covered by Freedom Fry)

Because who wouldn't want a french fry and cranberry burrito? (A quick Google search suggests that no one actually wants this).


"All We Know" by The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan

The angle this video was filmed at is pretty breathtaking. I feel like some sort of angel/devil just hanging on the guy's shoulder. I find myself imagining, sometime after finishing off that bottle of alcohol and slamming it against the wall, that a midnight burrito run is in order. Riding in a convertible with a fully liquored stomach and no food is never a good thing.

"Bad Catholics" by The Menzingers

There's lots of food featured in "Bad Catholics" by the Menzingers. How can their not be when the setting is a church picnic? Oddly enough, there seems to be a lack of burritos. I think those old, outdated folks standing around trying to eat spaghetti with plastic forks would be much better served wrapping that spaghetti in a tortilla. I mean what flies better in a food fight than loose spaghetti? Spaghetti burritos!

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