Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Listen: Deep Sea Arcade, Animal House and The Disco Fries

I've heard it said that vegan BBQ gives you wings. If you pair it with these tracks your set will be even radder:

Deep Sea Arcade is currently prepping for their first batch of new music since Obama won a second term. The lead single from the new album (due out next year) is "Learning To Fly."

The track melds the psychedelia-influenced sound that Deep Sea Arcade fans will recognize from their debut record with newer electronic influences that the band has picked up in the four plus years since.

"They want to lay her down but she's got them in her pocket." Maybe Animal House really is talking dominoes. But I have a hard time looking past how that line relates to my relationship to vegan BBQ sandwiches. I remember growing up and not knowing when or where my next meal would come from. So anytime one of my Amish friends' family made up a batch of their vegan BBQ I'd have one right then and there and then fill my pockets with three or four others. Here's to "Domino" and the hedonistic adventures of making music and stealing vegan BBQ from our Amish friends!

Such a wholesome meal that vegan BBQ is. Man Soundcloud sure could use a lesson on wholesome. It used to be such a clean, holy place. It was like only the people sitting in the front row of church would comment on there. Now it is filthy and overwrought like the backseat of some creeper's love mobile. Take, for instance, the latest comment on "Is It Over" by the Disco Fries:

Hi, people) Want sex? Am 21 yars old, very hot, but lonely girl... Find me here - goo.gl/xOXOt4 , my nickname LaiGrimaldo22

Whoa, it just got real sticky in here and there ain't no more ciabatta to clean things up. Next time, I'm using a fork.