Saturday, October 15, 2016

Click (Music): Buffalo Cauliflower, Warning Labels, Donald Trump Swipes Right and PSSY PWR

"Cocaine Girls" by PSSY PWR

I ordered a batch of Buffalo Cauliflower while I was out celebrating a coworker's birthday on Thursday night. The texture was just right. The heat came with a warning, be careful, this stuff burns. It may cause permanent damage to your tastebuds. Also sent with a warning? PSSY PWR's new track "Cocaine Girls." +++ WARNING +++ Clunky, unpolished and unapologetic, PSSY PWR’s tongue in cheek lyrics and detonating sound must be played LOUD AF or your device will explode.

"Solid Air" by Bad Sea

Sometimes you swipe right and you get a complete mindf*** of a time (Donald Trump anyone). And sometimes a swipe right leads to fabulous music, mountains of buffalo cauliflower and precious twitter followers (I'm looking at you Bad Sea). Don't take those swipes lightly.

"Under the Grave" by Rozes

I couldn't believe my ears this week. Were middle aged women really telling me how much they love the Chainsmokers and Rozes? I'm going to show myself out, quietly. If you need me, I'll be the guy burying his head in vegan blue cheese (does that even exist?).

"Get Loud" by Trails and Ways

"Get Loud" is a rush of smooth power pop. It was finished 9 months ago on a balcony on the São Paulo coast. Trails and Ways Brazil tour capped a year of destruction for at least one of the band members. They were forced to face up to their vanity and closedness. "Get Loud" is the catharsis that occurs when guards are dropped, flaws are owned and confidence and desire is achieved through rock music.

"WWDK" by Go Suburban

Go Suburban is a Provo family act. It consists of three Swanson's, two of which are a father and son. That's gotta be a pretty cool feeling. I mean who ever thinks, as your driving away from the hospital with your newly born child, some day I'll be in a band with this guy. I know that wasn't what I was thinking. I was thinking, wait, that's it? I get to leave with this new human and noone is going to stop me? "WWDK" is about growing up. It is about all the things you don't know in life. It is about trying to figure out what that first W in WWDK stands for.


"I Wanna Boi" by PWR BTTM

Homophobes, homosexuals, straight, trans, whatever, at the root of it I think we are all pretty similar. We just want someone to keep our bed warm.

"Apple Pie" by Rafferty

The song my be modern but the video and the persona behind it summon the ghosts of tradition. Apple pie may be the best metaphor but buffalo cauliflower isn't far behind.

"All We Know" by The Chainsmokers featuring Phoebe Ryan

See Rozes above. Then pile on more blue cheese.

"Shaky Ground (Acoustic)" by Freedom Fry

One of my favorite songs of the year just got the acoustic, poolside treatment. You won't hear me, or my daughter, complaining.

  "2017" by Wildlife

From the mouth of Dean Povinksy:

"2017" is a desperate song. It's about a very common feeling our friends and others we know seem to be experiencing right now. We collaborated with one of our favorite artists, Anne Douris (Bossie, Stella Ella Ola) to lay a visual backdrop that juxtaposes the song's initially lighthearted sound with the inevitable crush of the question "why"? Why are we moving so rapidly toward such a hyper individualized bunch when we are meant to be more connected than ever? Why do we have all these addictions to what is ultimately such a meaningless, on-screen world, when we know that the way to thrive is to connect in the ways that have served us so well for so long: By locking eyes and holding on for dear life, making new connections and finding meaning in the real. The throwback images of large NYE celebrations-of-old up against the actual lyrics of 2017 create the perfect vibration between the lust after immediacy and the human longing to connect in real time.

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