Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Click (Music): Manicured Pea Pods, The Shondes, Babylon, Zombie Eyed and the Importance of Vowels

"Hollywood Romance" by Ex-Cassette

Somewhere amongst the manicured pea pods and farm-to-table vegan, Paleo, high-protein, gluten-free, allergy-conscious, pregnancy-oriented meals on wheels that A-Listers like Felicity Huffman, Jessica Biel, Jeremy Piven, Tom Arnold, Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum consume on the reg is a budding and spontaneous romance ready to begin. That romance, while magical and all consuming, bleeds quickly. Before the delivery guy can even get that $48 dollar plate (plus delivery fee) to their door, the credits have rolled and the end has come. All that's left behind is a collection of memories captured in song.

On a side note, Hollywood Romance's closing line is the best song ending I've heard since Jimmie's Chicken Shack went all "when you die, your dead" on us.

"Babylon" by Half the Animal

The story of “Babylon,” as sung by Half the Animal, ends with a chorus of children suggesting to anyone that is still listening that they see the shadows that are present but they will continue to hold on no matter what the cost. This little sing-a-long symbolizes the idea that even though youth can be lost prematurely because of bad habits, it is never too late to make a change for the better and recapture the camaraderie and community of growing up. As Half the Animal suggests, "Everyone deals with their own “Babylon” in life." Knowing this, knowing we all are going through the same type of sh** just in a slightly different manner, immediately strengthens some of the ruptured bonds created by growing up. The key is to just pull your head out of your phone for long enough to experience it.

"Everything Good" by The Shondes

I tried to play the role of cynic when it came to "Everything Good." Afterall, the song was written by the The Shondes, a band that prides "themselves on their ability to get a cynic to sing along." But f*** it if I couldn't. I mean the way that the band embraces all that is beautiful in life and human relationships in "Everything Good" is enough to break the stone soul of even the world's most dour. Everything about the song, from the lyrical delivery of Louisa Solomon to the swelling height of Elijah Oberman's violin, to the spirited cohesion between Courtney Robbins guitar and Alex Smith's drums, serves one singular purpose, to make happiness in rock and roll a thing again.

"Vowels (and the Importance of Being Me)" by Hunny

I think I remember singing a version of Hunny's new song in kindergarten. How is that possible? My teacher was pretty cool. She was all up on a ton of bands that didn't even exist yet.

"Day by Day" by Disco Fries featuring Katt Rose

I think I read somewhere that a blogger felt that this track was a summer anthem. I'd have to say that I disagree with them somewhat. I think this track is the summer anthem for a recovering alcoholic who is stuck in some sort of groundhog day like state during the Fourth of July. Otherwise, its a pleasure to grind too whether it is summer, fall, winter or spring.


"Lights Down Low" by Max (Two Friends Remix)

This remix by Two Friends hit number one on Hypem a few days ago. My posting it now is sort of like the time my mom finally figured out how to get on Myspace and realized that there was no one left there. That's right, I'm like the old, technology impotent mother of the music blogging world. I wear that description like a badge of old lady perfume honor.


"Zombie Eyed" by The Dirty Nil

What goes around comes around you evil, blood spattering brat.

"Hollywood Romance" by Ex-Cassette

During the holidays my family went through some of the old VHS cassettes my parents had at the house. One of the tapes featured my brother and I singing "Self Esteem" in a cheesy, early 90's style, music video that we made at the beach. I have to say the circle outs and wipe away visual effects that seemed so rad when we first made the video, now seem terribly dated and ridiculous. They are the kind of effects that Ex-Cassette used in their video for "Hollywood Romance" to ironically make a point. What's the point? Look no further than the man's name they hired to direct the video....Tim Cheeseman. There's your point.

"You Don't Get Me High Anymore" by Phantogram

What if Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining had his own home improvement show?

"A Living Human Girl" by The Regrettes

The video for "A Living Human Girl" is chock-full of (visual) real talk, exploring the idea of girls as paper dolls to be dressed and judged by others. Here's to hoping the world will be slightly different once we get a female president.

"Closer" by The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey

Here are some FUN REAL FACTS about "Closer" by the Chainsmokers featuring Halsey
1) This is not a love song
2) Shaun Frank and Louis the Child helped with the song during the Friendzone Tour!
3) 90% of this song was finished within the first 2 days
4) Drew had all his ex girls at syracuse in mind when he wrote this.
5) The tattoo's on the cover art were drawn by hand onto the bodies... if you look closer the hero tat on their arms combines them
6) We no longer drink fireball...
7)Shack Shack > In and Out


The track is also Drew's debut as a lead vocalist! Hopefully he comes back for more.

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