Monday, May 23, 2016

Click (Music): Pole Dancing, Get Schooled on Twitter, Ketchup Ice Cream and Wildlife Returns

"Forest" by Giungla

I'm making some homemade ketchup. I'm really down in that bowl smashing the s*** out of some tomatoes. I got seeds exploding all over. My arms, my face, everything is covered. I grab a knife from it's sheath on the counter to deskin one of those bastards. Giungla's "Forest" is playing in the background. J-Fur walks into the kitchen. One look at me, she quickly backpedals and winds up spending the night at her parents. It may have cost me a marriage but that ketchup was so good! #NoRegrets.

"Hummingbird" by Kyla La Grange

In a post ketchup world, I find myself doing nothing but dicing and slicing potatoes on my mandolin in the shape of little french fries. After a magical baking experience, I lay those crispy nuggets out on the kitchen table along with a big bowl of that homemade ketchup. Z-Bot eats up those fries like they are going out-of-style but not once does she take them for a dip in the ketchup. I watch this for a while and then break out into song. "Hummingbird" by Kyla La Grange is my track of choice. "Like a hummingbird I will hover but never taste the fruit." Z-Bot smiles and nods her head like she has some sort of clue what I'm thinking.

"Dead Century" by Wildlife

Just when you thought (or was I the only one?) Wildlife would never stop touring North America long enough to put out another album, they do exactly that. Their first single from the new album is the title track "Dead Century." It is a song, according to the band, about moving forward through lost time, what it feels like to have one foot in an age that no longer exists and coming to terms with having the other in a world you may never understand. They share this "lost time" space with the likes of Mrs. Frank Flynn and her Ketchup Ice Cream.

"Give Me the Night" by Freddy Spacer

When I learned that Y LUV had put things on hold (about a year ago) I was pretty devastated. I began wandering the streets aimlessly looking for something to do. That something became sneaking into vegetarian restaurants, taking a seat in between an unsuspecting couple and having them pay me to drink bottles of ketchup. The pain was real. The heartburn was too. But the money was good. Now that Y LUVian Freddy Spacer has taken his unique lyrical style the solo route, I no longer feel the need to crash dates and drink ketchup by the bottles. The pain is gone. Unfortunately, so is the baby sitter.

"Strange Diseases" by Gang of Youths

When I Google searched strange disease and ketchup I came across an interesting question that I'm sure everyone has pondered at some time or another: Can I get AIDS from eating ketchup immediately after it has been injected by HIV? 


"Amerika" by Wintersleep

The video for Wintersleep's "America" is a somber exploration into what happens when the Earth is done with you or, as Donald Trump points out, when you stop winning.

"Don't Let Me Down" by The Chainsmokers featuring Daya

I've watched the video for "Don't Let Me Down" about four times now. My purpose for these repeated watchings? To figure out who has the better moves. Is it the women? Or the car? Right now I'm leaning the mechanical route.

"I Was Wrong" by Arizona

How exactly did I get J-Fur to return home after my ketchup making episode? Let's just say I bought a lot of M&M's, threw my knives in the garbage and serenaded her with Arizona's "I Was Wrong."

"I Will Deny" by Donots

Kissing my future goodbye has never been more fun (or sweaty).

"Bloodstream" by Transviolet

"Bloodstream" by Transviolet features Jordan Kensley, a pole dancer, who reached out to the band about a possible collaboration. The majestic performance that was captured and immortalized by the video was not embraced by all. Waqar Zahid, for instance, took to social media to trash it:

But Jordan Kensley proved she isn't someone to f*** with when she responded to him:

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