Sunday, March 6, 2016

Listen: Doughy Ragers from The Wild Wild, Terrorista and Foreign Air

I got a pizza in the process of being put together and here's what is raging on my stereo:

The Wild Wild craft "vintage pop for hopeless romantics." Their new single "When We Were Young" begins with the sounds of kid on a playground. Then the band comes in asking, "Do you remember when we were young?" I find myself shouting emphatically at my computer, yes! I remember. Life was so simple then. My cousin and I would just throw a Tony's Frozen Pizza covered with real meat sausage into the oven. Now, things aren't so simple. He says I mess around with all that is good and right in the world by trying to make some ancient grain he's never even heard of (Farro, dude? What even?) taste like sausage. Can't we go back to screaming Nirvana out of our bedroom window? I'm not sure if the Wild Wild meant for all of this dirty familial laundry to come up when they put together "When We Were Young." If they did, awesome job guys, you succeeded. If they didn't, well, I apologize fully. I have a source who says that "When We Were Young" will be the song of the summer. Get in on it now.

Does Sarah Michelle Gellar like pizza? Yep. With kale, pancetta and cheese. She also wears spectacles now and wins awards for doing so. I never knew this was a thing. My childhood would've been so much better had I known that my ugly glasses might just win me an award. Speaking of SMG, Terrorista's (here and here) new track is named after her. That's pretty appropriate considering the track sort of follows the same path as her career. There is moments of vibrancy, depth and beauty, like SMG in Cruel Intentions. Then there is the spontaneous post-punk moments, the ones that fit more with SMG the glasses wearing mom. If you find both versions of SMG electric, as I do, then Terrorista's track should fit nicely (and loudly) on your sound system of choice.

Jacob Michael and Jesse Clasen, the duo who make up Foreign Air, recently released their second single "In The Shadows." The song details the moment when a past relationship becomes a collage of memories hidden away. According to the band, "There is something very animalistic and ritualistic in the way we deal with putting the past away. You get tunnel vision and don't see all the other great things and people around you. You’ve got to keep your head up or you won't see the things that lie ahead of you.” The same can be said about a good slice of pizza: collage it into your memories, keep your head up and makes sure you see all the great pies whose path your cross.