Monday, March 21, 2016

Click (Music): A Sabbatical Year, Magic Bronson, Throwing Down Your Guns and My Mom's Wedding

"Stay" by Sabbatical Year

"Stay" by Sabbatical Year is the musical equivalent of pretending to order random bits of fried food from a two year old through a hole in the mast of a ship taking a break only to share a mustard covered pretzel.

"Wake Up (111th Dream)" by Magic Bronson

Are your nuts salted? Are they plain? Covered with sugar and maple syrup they taste just the same. That's my simultaneous ode to both the Eels and Jack Kerouac. It is sweet and all but pales in comparison to the apple pie and ice cream that Magic Bronson throw down in their latest single "Wake Up (111th Dream)."

"Stop Acting Crazy" by Some Gifts

I met a guy at the park this afternoon. I noticed he was wearing a Gettysburg shirt, a town very close to where I grew up. I struck up a conversation about this fact. One thing led to another and pretty soon we were sharing one of the hand crafted sodas he had in his cooler. I remarked, about halfway down, that they don't make stuff like this anymore. He nodded in affirmation.

In another place and time we would be two audiophiles popping "Stop Acting Crazy" by Some Gifts onto our record player. They just don't make stuff like this anymore.

"What You Waiting For?" by Gazzo (featuring Sugarwhiskey)

I thought I knew Gazzo. Most of his work, to date, seemed to fit nicely into the world of progressive house remixes. But then he joins forces with Sugarwhiskey, releases "What You Waiting For?", and pretty much flips my Gazzo world upside down. "What You Waiting For?" has some playful verses (delivered by Sugarwhiskey), handclaps, sunny bass lines, a memorable chorus and, of course, a signature Gazzo drop. Looking for a song of the summer? Look no further than "What You Waiting For?.


"Born Ready" by Disco Fries featuring Hope Murphy (Halogen Radio Edit) 

The Disco Fries never meant for "Born Ready" to be a single. It was the band stepping outside of the box and trying something different for their Autonomous EP. But, as the song suggests, you have to be "born ready" for when the unplanned has a plan of its own.

"Ocean Eyes" by Billie Eilish (Young Bombs Remix)

The Young Bombs Remix of Billie Eilish's "Ocean Eyes" recently took on a whole new meaning. Here's what Martin had to say about it:
Yo guys, Martin here. 
The last two months have been an insanely dark and difficult time as my dad was diagnosed with aggressive pancreatic cancer. The doctors at first thought he would have months to live, however the cancer had other plans and he was taken from us a week ago March 5th. Having already begun working on this track during the last week of his life, Ocean Eyes took on an entirely new meaning to me. I will never forget sitting in the hospital, holding his hand (he was basically unable to speak at this point) and he would just stare at me with his deep, blue eyes. I could only imagine what words he would have been saying if he could have spoken. This song in turn, would speak to me everyday following his visits, so it holds a very special place in my heart. Tristan and I hope that this song can help heal anyone else out there who needs to be lifted up during a dark time. 
This remix is dedicated to Leonard Kottmeier, January 4th, 1937 - March 5th, 2016.
R.I.P “Dr. Jazz” you will forever be in our hearts.


"Throw Down Your Guns" by Wild Belle

"Throw Down Your Guns" by Wild Belle is a song with an agenda. Perhaps, after hearing it, you could pretend that Natalie and Elliot Bergman weren't referring to literal guns but instead were some sort of metaphor. After seeing the video, there is no doubt. The video begins with the Chicago Children's Choir singing the opening lines to the song. This is interspersed with video of a bunch of bullets and guns falling from the sky. The message that the band wanted to deliver? In times war, bells are typically melted down to make ammunition. This time around, Wild Belle wanted to reverse the process and melt ammunition in order to make "peace bells." According to the band, these bells will be used to make music and sounds of peaceful protest.

"Wrestle Yu to Husker Du" by The Dirty Nil

Recently my mom was thumbing through a s*** ton of old VHS videos looking for the one featuring her wedding.  I didn't have the heart to tell her that that is one VHS that will never be found. I sent it away and the Dirty Nil taped over it to make their new video for "Wrestle Yu to Husker Du." As Luke Bentham describes it:

"12 broken video cameras + illegal smoke bombs in confined spaces (+ Tender's mom and dad's wedding) = The Dirty Nil live experience, captured for you in glorious VHS format."

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