Thursday, February 4, 2016

Listen: Pumped Up Pop from Chelsea Effect, Satchmode and Shallows

You want to brunch it. Fish and grits ain't in the cards. You're topping yours with kimchi. There's a soundtrack for that:

"As we watched the rising sun, we were youth in ‘21." I can't say with a hundred percent certainty but I'm relatively sure that when Chelsea Effect uttered those words, she had brunch on the mind. More specifically, she had grits and kimchi and brussels floating on the brain. If there were any question, just check out the second verse:

Time cannot erase
All of the beauty
Can't be replaced
And the world will always change
But there's a constant
Our love remains

Yep. totally grits and kimchi. Ahem...excuse me. I've heard that this song was inspired by an imagined conversation between Hadley Hemingway and Zelda Fitzgerald in 1920’s France. Go away Trebuchet, no one cares what you have to say.

Satchmode normally runs it slow and majestic. Their new track "Don't Give Up On Me" is much faster and more high energy. What stays the same is the themes at the center. "Don't Give Up On Me" is just like its predecessors in that it delves into ideas of regret and pain about a broken relationship. It is a "desperate denial about the state of things."

So Satchmode rolled right into "Summer Sucks" by Shallows and I can't help but think someone dropped the ball. Holy hell is this song fun and exciting and catchy and pretty much everything I love about music. So why wasn't it sent to me? Why did Soundcloud have to make the suggestion? Excuse me while I figure out who I need to fire.

Turns out it was sent to me. My editor just deleted it because he loves summer. He also loves being out of a job. (Editor's Note: Ha, ha. Very funny Tender.)

I'm not kidding.