Thursday, January 21, 2016

Food Flavored Artist: "Byker Drone" by Eat

I sat down tonight at my really old flip top desk to try and figure out what to make for dinner. With each dip of my pen into an inkwell, I find it more difficult to concentrate. It isn't the coffee I drank this morning, that has long since worn off. It isn't the preservatives my mom packed in my lunch because, well, there weren't any. That and my mom didn't pack my lunch. The problem here is worms. More specifically, that damn little ear worm that Rick from Whiteboard PR snuck into my body. The ear worm has this scuzzy feel, it reminds me a bit of last year's darlings Black Honey. In real terms, because I only deal in things that are real, I'd say the worm is like a runaway train that hits one end of a tunnel at about the same moment that a family of five driving an SUV with a screaming teenager in back comes through the other. The two are on a collision course with no way around it. That's the music. The lyrics persuade you to "Take some time, be sure about it. Think it thru, be sure about it. Stay a while, make sure about it." There's some other lyrics intended to slow you down and get your mind right, still scuzzy, and then all of a sudden things turn sweet like carrots (or about as sweet as the aforementioned SUV and runaway train on a collusion course can be). "She's just a little girl" they say, over and over and over. Try rolling that in some spicy sauce.

This worm has a name, "Byker Drone" by Eat. It is the type of song that stays with you long after you quit listening. It is the type of song that suggests pulled bbq carrots need to be on the menu. It is the type of song that says don't forget Eat. Of course it is also the type of song that says how could you.