Saturday, October 10, 2015

Listen: Designs, Patterns and Themes from Talos, The Dirty Nil and Oscar

You've got a plate of bloody balls, cheesy elbows and the art of combining what history says shouldn't be right in front of you. What should you pop onto your radio? My suggestions:

I know a lot of people look at a meatball stuffed with mac and cheese and think brash, punk, upstart. But I don't entirely agree. Sure there is a bit of attitude present but I think within each meatball there is a subtle bit of beauty. I liken it to cracking open a walnut. There's nut meat, yes, but there are also some intricate designs and patterns as well as an underlying theme of life. These seem patterns, designs and themes of life can be found in the new Talos track "In Time." It is a breathtaking, majestic track that showcases pain laden vocals fluttering above a delicate musical arrangement.

Now that we've embraced the subtle beauty of a meatball stuffed with mac and cheese, it's time to  celebrate its brash side. And what better way to celebrate than the The Dirty Nil doing their best Ian McKaye impression.

Oscar Scheller, one of the most exciting indie poppers I've heard this year, is back with a new single called "Breaking My Phone." It is the story of relationship anger. The kind of thing where every phone call results in an act so violent that the metal and plastic gadget in your hand has no choice but to crumble. Maybe this is insensitive of me but the entire time the track plays I can't help but think 'thank god it his phone.' I mean a phone effects Oscar, but it has no bearing on me. Imagine if Oscar damaged something more important like say his bedroom recording equipment. That would be a tragedy that the entire world would suffer from. Oscar, whatever you do, don't break your recording equipment!