Saturday, October 24, 2015

Listen: Breaded and Brined Classics from Cape Cub, The Britanys and Holy Esque

A little bit of brining goes along way when eggplant is involved. The same could be said about:

Remove "Keep Me in Mind" by Cape Cub from your junk box, dip it into a bit of vinegar, bread it and you've got a track that fully captures the loneliness of those moments when home feels so far away. Despite the fact that technology can transcend miles in ways that people in the past never imagined, there are still times when that distance feels insurmountable. Those moments are when we want nothing more than to be kept in mind.

You know those city boys, they talk fast, dress slick, drink loud and they put their eggplant in fennel water for the night. My momma always warned me about them. She never thought I might become one. Mom, I'm just going to be warn you now, hide grandpa when I come back home at Christmas because I'm coming through that door with a jammy pack blaring "City Boys" by the Britanys. I would hate to be the one to cause him to keel over.

Talk about letting things brine for a bit, it's been more than three years since I first heard Holy Esque's brand of primal, muscular and elemental indie rock. What blows my mind about this, isn't how long it has been, but that the band has yet to put out their debut album. They've had at least one absolutely brilliant single ("Rose") that has just been floating around the web without a proper home. That should be illegal. This will change come February as the band will finally be releasing At Hope's Ravine via Beyond the Frequency. "Rose" will be the second track on the album. It will be followed by the band's new single "Hexx." "Hexx", along with it's double a-side "Silences," will be unleashed as a double a-side on December 7th. But, thankfully, you don't have to wait until then to hear it.