Sunday, September 27, 2015

Click (Music): Miley as Sisyphus, Jellyfish, Sun Tattoos and Adult Films

My past few weeks of music listening can be summed up by these three phrases: Miley Cyrus as Sisyphus. System of a Down/Incubus cover bands. Adult Films. Ok, maybe these phrases as well:


"Can't Vibe" by TOWER

TOWER will tell you that "Can't Vibe" is a song about shamelessly pining for a girl who is probably smarter than you. That's a plate of mustard if I've ever heard one. When I read this track, I read a song about breaking out in a falsetto moments after a System of a Down/Incubus cover band leaves the stage.

Which brings me to the question I've been pondering all week. Is it legit to be a cover band that covers two different bands? I was under the impression you either did one or many.

"Until You Were Gone" by The Chainsmokers & Tritonal (featuring Emily Warren)

How many DJ duos does it take to make a rad ass song? "Until You Were Gone" says two. After ten listens, I'm not about to argue that one.

"No Rules, No Plan" by Adult Films

Adult Films are a hard band to find online. Don't believe me, go Google search adult films and see what you get. I'll wait. *Whistles "Oh Susanna" with a 70's porno vibe to it. Starts to feel something. Grabs the vaseline....* Oh, I didn't see you come back. This vaseline, uh, I have a sore in my mouth I was hoping to moisten up a bit. Anyways, Adult Films got together in late 2014 with the idea that they would take a rough pop tune, arrange it within an hour, and f*** it up with some dirt. This arrangement seems to be working because the band has been "rigorously" banging the San Diego club circuit for the past few months. We're talking a different club each night, some wham, bam, thank you ma'am type s***.

Adult Films describe their sound as the "lovechild of Death From Above 1979 and the Front Bottoms with Animal Collective assigned as the Doula." Whatever you do, don't Google that line. You don't want to see the film that comes up.

"Change in the Weather" by Dive In

Dive In has one of the most distinctive sounds around thanks to the doubled delivery of lead singer Matthew Guttridge. Weave that voice in and out of squealing synths, howling guitars and burning bass lines and I can't help but think that Guttridge isn't far off when he says he wants to make Dive In the "best band in the world." The band's latest single "Change in the Weather" is "anchored in the idea that hope comes from a dark place." It is a celebration of emerging from a rut and getting things back on course.


"Gasoline" by Halsey (Oscar's Remix)

When I was fifteen you could find me playing video games, listening to Rancid while kicking around a soccer ball or trying to find a pair of socks that hadn't been ruined. You know where you wouldn't have found me? In a studio remixing Halsey's "Gasoline". Next up for 15 year old OSCAR? A Chainsmokers remix.


"Jellyfish" by Laura Stevenson

Beck did the whole self loathing thing with mandibles. Laura Stevenson does it with tentacles. Different? Yes. The same aggressive, line quoting, self-loathing masterpiece? You bet ya. 

"Vivienne" by Sundara Karma

What's up with all these stand still, single image videos? It's no wonder MTV stopped showing videos. Could you imagine today's kids staring at a tattoo for 3:46 seconds without changing the channel? I could do it if it looked like this.

"Miley" by SWMRS

"She's Sisyphis even in a corporate scene."

That's pretty much all I have to say.

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