Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Click (Food): Rotten Egg Board, the Pope Visits Philly, Cows Slaughter Humans and Cauliflower Everything Bagels

The US Government has it out for eggless mayo, my favorite vegan hip race car driving environmentalist, the Donald gets a food appearance and brown sugar covered tofu are just some of the things that made my week. Here are those stories, and more:

  • Egg Raid on Hampton Creek: The American Egg Board, slimy industry professional lobbyists that they are, have been running a campaign trying to keep Hampton Creek and their eggless mayonnaise off the market. This included correspondence with Whole Foods, bloggers and Travel Channel Host Andrew Zimmern trying to persuade them to join their anti-eggless mayo crusade. 


Brown Sugar Tofu and Mushroom Spring Rolls by Sprouted Kitchen

I've sprinkled my tofu with a lot of different things during my years of vegetarianism/veganism: corn starch, salt and pepper, mole sauce, baby powder. But never have I used brown sugar. I like my sweet away from my fake meat. But this recipe, that was put together with recipe snippets from a Heidi Swanson cookbook, has me ready to try something new.

Oh, and don't ever cover tofu with baby powder. That was such an awful experience. 

"Everything Bagel" Cauliflower Rolls by Lexi's Clean Kitchen

I heard for years that the secret to a good bagel is to get one New York style. I finally did and I haven't gone back. Panera and got nothing on those guys. But then I started hearing rumors of something "even better than a New York style bagel." My pal swears by cauliflower bagels. Call me skeptical with a capital S. 

Vegan Banh Mi from De Groene Meisjes

My command of the Dutch language isn't what it used to be, I mean I did play soccer there for a summer, but I'm going to try to translate this blog post anyways. I believe it says "Seitan has invaded my sandwich. I keep trying to quit that gluten on gluten combination but resistance is sort of futile. Sort of like a teenager walking through Amsterdam's red light district for the first time. Meow!"

Sweet Corn Gazpacho from The Endless Meal

The problem I have with gazpacho is that it is cold. Soup shouldn't be cold. Even if you want to eat it in the middle of the day on the hottest day of the summer, it needs to be at least lukewarm. That being said, I'm willing to try out this recipe in order to test a theory. Maybe my problem isn't that gazpacho is cold, maybe it is that it is made from tomatoes. I'll keep you updated...

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