Thursday, August 13, 2015

Listen: Original Sounds from Kassassin St, Ryan Egan and Distant Cousins

It's been all kinds of rice and beans and spotted roosters up in this place today. How about some music that flows right with the crazy?

I completely relate to Portsmouth five piece Kassassin St and their new single "Radio Silence." I mean that's all the seems to play around these American south parts. What used to be an absolute passion and love of mine has turned into repetition and drivel. Thank god blogs, local radio, Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp exist in order to fill the void that the major radio players create. "Radio Silence" is one of those songs that knows how to rock while simultaneously rolling. I feel like dancing, I feel like singing, I feel like wrapping my tentacles around the nearest road sign and ripping it right from the ground. That doesn't happen often.

New York City crooner Ryan Egan has just unleashed his second single "Between the Pages" into the world. The track takes pieces of hook driven pop, combines them with some serious auditory experimentation and then caps it all off with a hypnotic falsetto. Give it a listen. Give it two. I guarantee you'll soon be standing in front of the mirror bothering your neighbors with a very poor "Between the Pages" imitation.

Distant Cousins isn't just another folk-tinged pop rock band. While they technically are another folk-tinged pop rock band, this trio of pedigreed songwriters/producers are able to take something familiar and twist it into something new. In "Your Story" this originality is crafted through the use of warm melodies and harmonizing vocals, as well as the guest appearance of Jessie Payo and her rural love-story delivery.