Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Listen: Ded Rabbits Buried With Remixes from The Disco Fries and Falcon Punch

A melancholic focaccia that brings the family together tastes best when baked to the sounds of:

The focaccia is a remix of sorts. I made a recipe from a cookbook, I had some leftovers, I decided to craft it into something new. Liking it, but needing to push it further, I took the cookbook recipe and further tweaked it until it worked. I need music that buys into that same idea, take someone else's work, tweaks it and pushes it forward. That's pretty much what The Disco Fries made happen in their remix, nah, reswizzle of Morgan Page's "Open Heart" which features the vocals of Lissie. While both the original and remix work as dance numbers, the big difference comes in the beat. Disco Fries take the pulsating rhythmic beat of the original and embolden it while also lighting it on fire. You know that neighbor of yours that blows up some huge ass fireworks on the 4th of July and then calmly steps aside so the city can do their bigger, badder show? This remix is that bigger, badder show.

The original:

Just as tweaked, but more smooth atmosphere than hardcore on the floor, is the Nu-Disco remix of Trails and Ways' "Downright." Falcon Punch is the one that gave this track its new flavor. He polishes the shine on Harriet Brown's guest vocals while simultaneously setting up one of those mechanical glowing disco balls in the corner of the room.

The original:

The secret to a good focaccia is a large smattering of Ded Rabbit. Ded Rabbit are brothers Eugene, Fergus, Donai and Eoin Gaine. While they hail from the Highlands via Yorkshire, the group has a very New York garage snot feel to them. Check out "Scarlet Cardigan":