Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Listen: Singles from White Reaper, Kill the Waves, Kotomi and Racing Glaciers

Spirulina is blue-green algae. It hangs in the muck. It's a dirt grinder. It's also chock full of vegan powered protein. All of this is to say that Spirulina pairs perfectly with:

When we are talking muck diving, White Reaper’s new single “Make Me Wanna Die” comes to mind. Don’t let the white fool you, this is anything but sparkling and clean. The track reminds me a lot of one of my favorite garage rock artists, Jay Reatard. That means it is best served loudly.

Kill The Waves can best be described as the combination of two sides of a personality meshed into a brand new shape and delivered with a Scottish accent. They are part glitchy rhythms, a la Caribou and Four Tet, and part unashamedly soulful songwriting, a la Arcade Fire and James Blake. Kill the Waves new single, “Better Days”, ventures into the world of syncopated soundscapes. These soundscapes are created by the enthralling rise and fall of Tim Kwant’s vocals and the deeply embedded violins, triangles and keyboards which hover in and out of the listener's consciousness. It's easy to lose yourself in what “Better Days” has to offer

While Kotomi is certainly no stranger to this blog, she usually got mentioned in the same breath as her collaborating partner Germany Germany. For once, Kotomi gets the stage all to herself. Her new track “Please (Say You Never Will)”, is a grandiose pop tune that explores the range of Kokomo’s vocals. It starts off level, with a calm majestic feel. By the time the chorus rolls around her vocals have risen to a much higher, more upbeat range. There is even a sort of yodeled out "Awawawa" that hints at the bird like sound that appears on “I Bet My Life” by Imagine Dragons. I probably should’ve shared this track with some sushi, as she seems to be a fanatic, but I can’t keep sitting on it forever.

8 Months have passed since Racing Glaciers last uploaded a song (insert glacial joke here). But it has all been well worth the wait as their return was done in fabulous style. “What I Saw” starts slow. From there it builds and builds into something magical and graceful. Think a glacier that is being carved out by sequin covered figure skaters. Racing Glaciers has slowed their online music content due to their focus on releasing a proper debut album. The new batch of tracks are a continuance of the band’s foray into an expansive, post rock-influenced sound.