Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Listen: Pop Crystals from Hey Anna, Day Wave and Baby Baby

Guacamole wontons you say? Quick quiz, what should I listen to while I make them? Here's my answer:

I'm walking down the street all graceful like when I suddenly notice my right heel is sticking just a bit. I turn my gaze towards the right shoe and notice a big ol' piece of sticky bubblegum. Damn. I scrap it off with a nearby stick and continue on my way. I tell you this story because I think that pretty much sums up Hey Anna's new single "Don't Talk Stop". They call themselves indie poppers but the new track is way too sludgy for that title. It has qualities of indie pop for sure but there is also an element of experimentalism, a shoegaze drawl and even some psychedelia. "Don't Talk Stop" comes from the band's upcoming album Run Koko, which is due out this summer. You can catch the track live this Saturday at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn (1PM) or at the Asbury Park Yacht Club (7PM).

Wait, did I hear someone mention indie pop? *Ruffles around in messenger bag, pulls out a cassette, puts it into a nearby walkman, hands headphones over* You need to check out this new Day Wave track "We Try But We Don't Fit In". Day Wave, aka Jackson Phillips, has been rolling out dreamy indie-pop for about as long as I've been growing sourdough in my refrigerator (that would be a few months). The world has been hounding him to get these fine stand alone tracks packaged into a neat little EP that we can have, hold and fall asleep beside in the evening. Well Day Wave will finally deliver. July 17th is the big day. That's when his EP, entitled Headcase, will be available to the world. The EP will feature his previously released tracks ("Nothing At All", "Total Zombie" and "Drag"). It will also feature his brand new one that hit the internet today, "We Try But We Don't Fit In". In case that isn't enough (damn you are hard to impress) the EP will also feature two previously unheard tracks. At this point let me point out all the amazing things that Day Wave has accomplished in just three songs. He has been played on KCRW, KEXP and WXPN. He has made it onto Sirius XMU's and Alt Nation's playlist (and he charted on both). He soundtracked an Urban Outfitters video. He has also broken soundcloud a couple times because of his over one million streams. Those are some pretty impressive feats. But don't worry about catching up on all that, you can get on "We Try But We Don't Fit In" right at the ground floor. Hear it before the rest of the world does:

Baby Baby premiered two new songs last week courtesy of Red Bull Sound Select. One takes place on the dance floor, showing again that Baby Baby is comfortable being a punk band that doesn't mind hitting the club circuit, the other details the quarter life crisis that most eighteen to twenty-five year olds go through when they realize their life is 1/4 of the way over. Don't worry my friend, I'm here to tell you that the next quarter of your life goes much faster. I went to sleep last night and I was twenty-five. I woke up today at fifty. I had to physically force myself not to start yelling at someone to "turn off that racket." Baby Baby used to say they love me (now they just say they blow). Hopefully they can still love the fifty year old version of me.

Catch Baby Baby on Warped Tour this summer.