Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Food Flavored Video: If You Wanna Stay by The Griswolds

The Griswolds and I recently attempted to collaborate on a human cake. It failed miserably. Here's what happened:

It started during the filming of the Griswolds brand new video "If You Wanna Stay". It didn't take the band long to get into the food flavored swing of things as just fifty-five seconds in they started throwing some eggs. That sparked up an idea. Why not bake a human cake? So they gave me a call because they know I am such an expert when it comes to baking human cakes. They mixed the necessary ingredients (six eggs thrown at a shirtless man's back, one cooler of liquid splashed all over the egged man's body, a large amount of what appears to be flour dumped over his head, and two more eggs). The band then left, I believe its lead singer Christopher Whitehall, behind for me to pick up and bake.

I used the exact temperature that my human cake recipe book suggested. I baked the mixture for just the right amount of time. But instead of being moist and yummy, the cake fell flat. Why? I thought long and hard about what went wrong. I rewatched the video for "If You Wanna Stay"dozens of times. I spoke to Christopher about the mixing of ingredients. Finally it came to me. The Griswolds' broke the baker's "rule of thumb" of wet into the dry. That'll do it every time.

In slightly less cannibalistic news, The Griswolds are making their way to North America for a month long tour. They will be hitting the east, midwest, west and southwest. A number of shows (Minneapolis, Chicago, LA and Kansas City) have already sold out. You can see all their tour dates and get ahold of tickets here.

Just the audio: