Friday, June 5, 2015

Food Flavored Song: "Sugar for the Queen" by Bells Atlas

"Working for the, working for the queen, we control the sugar, Sugar to the queen."-Bells Atlas

Perhaps I'm being influenced by the fact that I live in Florida and an off road walk of any type will almost certainly lead a person passed a few gigantic mounds, but Bells Atlas' new song "Sugar for the Queen" makes me think less about food and a supply chain sweetened by the cane, and more about ants. Sugar ants to be specific. 

Sugar ants are a brand of ant that is attracted to the sweet stuff. Be it nectar, plant secretions or other sugary foods these guys constantly show up ready to eat their dessert first. Occasionally they will eat small invertebrates (probably after being asked over and over by random strangers where their protein comes from) but for the most part they stick to what's sweet. 

"Sugar for the Queen" is right up an ant's alley. Pull the track out of a package that's been left outside for a bit and you're likely to have millions of ants crawling all over. Like other Bells Atlas tracks, "Sugar for the Queen" finds its flavor from a kaleidoscope of different flavors that blend together into one big sonic wall. Bells, drums and bass flow in and out of Sandra Lawson-Ndu and Doug Stuart's enchanting vocals helping the listener to a heaping spoonful of dynamic psychedelia. 

"Sugar for the Queen" comes from Bells Atlas' new EP, Hyperlust, which is out now. You can purchase a copy from the band's bandcamp page