Thursday, January 29, 2015

Food Flavored Artist: "Hanging Upside Down" by Lime Cordiale

Key Lime Pie, Gimlet, Red Ruby, Summer Seen, Liquid Lover, Castro, Paradis Punch and Blossom.
These are just a few of the drinks featuring lime cordial that Absolut Vodka shares on their website.
Lime Cordial is created by mixing concentrated lime and sugar. It is a sweet, sweet treat.

The music world has their own version of Lime Cordiale. It features a bit of Sydney, a splash of summery indie-pop and a long jigger of relentless touring. It can also be described as a sweet, sweet treat. The band’s first single of 2015 “Hanging Upside Down” is sort of like a motivational speech put to music. I’m thinking mainly of the chorus that suggests “everyday is
looking up”… , hold on, I’ll be right back.

Okay so the postman just dropped off a certified letter from Sydney. It is from Joe, the self
proclaimed biggest fan of Lime Cordiale in the world. In the letter he says that I am completely off
base when I say that the song is a motivational speech. If anything it is a sexsavational speech. For
evidence, look no further than their lines about your perky tits and your sex appeal. Interesting
food for thought, Joe. That’s probably the reason why all those people at the Tampa Chapter of
Depressive Adults looked at me funny when I tried to motivate them with the song. Oh, and that black haired lady that was rubbing her…I get it now.

“Hanging Upside Down” is the first single from Lime Cordiale’s recently completed studio session.
Even though they’ve been touring a lot, the band will continue to hit the road hard in 2015 as the
embark on an Australian tour starting next month.

The video: