Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Food To Record To: In the Studio with D.O.N.S

One of the central pieces to the Branson family Thanksgiving dinner this year was a vegan green bean casserole topped with almond encrusted shallots. Oh doggie! Its been four days since Thanksgiving came and went and I still can’t stop thinking about that dish. What I wouldn’t give to have another plateful in front of me right now. My index finger? Possibly. My left ear? Definitely. My dancing shoes? Uh…no. The “creamy” part of the casserole was made by soaking cashews, my current favorite nut, in water. Another big fan of cashews? German DJ/Producer/label owner D.O.N.S. He will espouse their virtues as well as two other foods in our latest installment of “foods to record to.”

First, the accolades. D.O.N.S. has established himself as one of the most innovative, unique, and exciting figures in the dance music industry. He’s released hits such as the legendary “Pump Up the Jam” (the 2nd most successful worldwide dance track in 2005), “Big Fun” (voted as one of the best 25 cover versions of all times by DJ Mag), “The Nighttrain”, “Searching For Love”, and “Alive”. His songs have topped mainstream and dance charts all around the globe propelling him to the rank of A lister. His hard work has led to top 10 sales chart positions in the UK, Spain, Ireland, Scandinavia and France. His technique and energy have set prestigious clubs and festivals on fire. Whether bootlegging or mashing, live or on radio, D.O.N.S performances are one of a kind and not to be missed. What fuels this passion? Calories. Where do these calories come from? These are his favorite foods to record to:

1. Sushi
 Easy to eat, healthy, there’s many different varieties, not too filling and you can eat it with one hand while the other one flies over the keyboard. On top of all that, it’s one of my favourite foods anyway.

2. Fresh fruit – preferably berries.
Refreshing. When you’re getting tired during your regular producing night shifts, fruit gives you extra energy through the fruit sugar and of course they’re rich in vitamins and extremely healthy.

3. Cashew nuts
The perfect snack. They’re packed with energy, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that are essential for a robust health and they fight starvation fast if you’re about to miss a deadline and have no time to eat.

His latest fruit, nut and sushi fueled hit, chart topper is "Big Fun" (featuring Terri B):