Sunday, September 14, 2014

Food To Record To: In the studio with Buchanan

When I was just a wee lad preparing to run off to the local recording studio and drop some Chocolate Covered Gerbils’ tracks, my mama always made sure I didn’t leave without a gourmet bagged lunch in my hand. As she handed it to me she would tussle my hair, kiss my cheek and say “Recording on an empty stomach is bound to make your Barry White sound like White Snake” (she later replaced White Snake with White Zombie to keep up with the changing decades). Even now, year’s after I quit the band, I still have that bit of advice scrawled across my bass guitar case.

The last thing Buchanan wants, as they are currently in the process of recording their new LP, is to make their Barry White sound like whatever current inferior white monikered band is making the rounds. I mean they’ve prepared hardcore for this LP. Some of the steps they’ve taken: relocated from Australia to Europe, introduced themselves to their new scene with a number of debut performances, brought in the helping hands of London producer Simon Duffy (Leftfield, Mr Hudson, Dirty Vegas) and added an electronic element to their songs. But forget to eat in studio and none of this matters. All these changes just crash, burn and float away in the wind.

So what does Buchanan find to be the best Food To Record To? Here are their three staples as relayed by frontman Josh Simons:

1. Homemade Pizza

They’re easy to put together and almost always instantly satisfying – exactly what everyone needs when their minds are still on compressor settings and similar nonsense like that!

2. Eggs, mushroom, onion and avocado fry up

If you’ve been working through the night, which we often do, sometimes a proper greasy fry up is exactly what the body craves (but perhaps not necessarily what it needs) to carry you through that next (long) day.

3. A healthy selection of herbal teas and coffee

It’s not exactly a meal, I know, but without a doubt, the 100% most essential meal in any
studio environment is the coffee break!

Where can one experience the aforementioned electronic shift that Buchanan has undertaken? The new single “Coming Down” is the perfect place to start. It is the first taste of the band's upcoming LP. It is also their first single ever released in Europe. Take a listen:

Taz got all remixy with it: