Friday, July 4, 2014

Four for the Fourth: The Tiki Terrier

I’ve often wondered why the ladies haven’t come back with their own version of “Girls Gone Wild” to show that this conversation doesn’t have to be one sided. While perusing through the EBAY porn section last weekend, I thought I had finally found their response. Seems Holly Schmidt and Allan Penn, who I assumed were top notch wiener movie directors, had filmed a production called “Wieners Gone Wild.” I quickly bid 237 dollars for the video and eagerly awaited its arrival (gag gift dude). When it came (no pun intended) on Thursday, I ripped it open. To my UTTER disappointment it wasn’t a video at all. It was a book. On top of that, the wieners they were talking about weren’t the ones I was visualizing. They were hot dogs.

Wieners Gone Wild: Out of the Ballpark Recipes is a cookbook full of exotic hot dog recipes. It was in this moment that I remembered what my Uncle Earl used to say “When life gives you the wrong kind of wieners, make a party out of it.” I intend to do just that. My hot dog of choice, for this 4th of July, is the duo’s Tiki Terrier. It's a hot dog basted in homemade teriyaki sauce and then topped with grilled pineapple salsa. The only changes I made were to replace the beef dog with a vegan version and omit the cilantro and ginger from the salsa. Yummy.

The four tracks I’ll be celebrating this fourth of July with are:

You wanna side of fries with that Tiki Terrier? I sure do. Whatcha got? Sweet Potato? Curly? Disco? Yep, that’s it. The Disco Fries latest piece of work, a single called “The Light”, on Zouk/Armada Music. “The Light” is progressive and melodic. It burns bright and floats high reminding one of the fireworks that will be blazing in tonight’s sky. This is in large part to the beats provided by Niko the Kid. When paired with blazing poppy lyrics, you’ve got a single not unlike a lot of what you find all over your radio. “The Light” will be available to purchase on July 14th via Beatport.

“The Girls Are Here,” is the latest single from New York-based Beautiful Small Machines. The track begins with a bit of a hoot (or holler) reminiscent of Frank Black in “Where is My Mind.” It quickly transitions into a summery harmonizing affair, a la, The Beach Boys. After just a few moments of Beach Boyism, Beautiful Small Machines take the track where it needs to go. A raucous girls night out party affair. Bree Sharp, who penned the track, says that the single “exemplifies feeling invincible before a night out on the town.” All that dressing up is sort of like getting dressed to go into battle. She hopes that the song can make someone feel like “they can take the city by storm and lay it all to waste.” You’ve been challenged girls. Don’t let me down.

For my third song, I’m sticking in NYC but leaving the girl’s night out in the dust for some rooftop
Cold Beer & Broads. Cold Beer & Broads is a collective of musicians who have rubbed elbows with legends and had a hand in some pretty impressive critically acclaimed projects. They are gearing up for a September EP release called Six Pack. The first single to be released is the punky attack everyone at once “First Amendment Blues (The F.U. Song)”. Despite the profane chorus and
its no hold barred approach the single has actually received some airplay at dozens of college radio stations. Guzzle it down:

Sydney-based alternative rock 4-piece CREO just released their brand new single “Afterglow”. It
features a rhythm section that completely dance worthy, layers and layers of oozing guitars, a unique vocal delivery (think snotty yet harmonious) and a chorus soaked in lyrics that are guaranteed to stick with you for weeks (future me says: and months, and years).